Road Test Reviews went live in 2011 as a small enthusiast website. We like to think we are still small and agile even though our readership has grown hugely. We love all things motoring. We do road test reviews, news and opinion. We are not biased, nor can we be bribed (well maybe a little). We prefer to give the car buying public our opinion based on facts.

We like our cars in all shapes and sizes. We also like full fat yogurt and we make great coffee.

Meet The Team

Nigel Atkinson
Road Test Editor
I started driving at 8 yrs old after my dad broke his left arm (We drive on the other side of the car in England). I changed gear while he steered and operated the clutch. First car was a 1976 VW Polo with 45 hp!

Beverly Franklin
Contributing Editor
My nickname is Liney – named after Linus from Peanuts. Linus always carries a blanket and I too am always cold, so I believe heated seats are the greatest invention ever. My first car was a 1967  Karmann Ghia.

Steve Storm
Associate Editor
My Father is a drag racer from the 60’s so I grew up steering cars on his lap from 3-4 years old. I was riding minibikes and the like at 9-10 years old. My first car was a 75 Ply Fury.  I love anything with wheels and an engine.

Digital Marketing
I am digital but occasionally I come out into the real world and drive cars. First car was a Ford Fiesta.. yes the original euro one. I have to admit I also once owned a Renault 11, just like the one in A View To A Kill.

Our Reach

Road Test Reviews reaches an average unique audience of around 375,000/month with over 750K page views.
We also syndicate to Business2Community.com (3 Million Monthly Visitors) by providing content to The Automotive Section

Our Readers

Are crazy about cars and the majority are male, but we do have a small female following as well.

Why do we do this?

A car is a big investment so we would like Road Test Reviews to be part of your research before buying.

Which Cars Do We Test?

We specialize in performance and luxury cars, specifically new versions launched in the calendar year. These can range from SUV’s, hot hatches (which we have a particular fondness for Sports Cars as well as the occasional Euro only spec cars.

How Do We Test Cars?

Firstly we should answer the question “why do we test cars“? Well, we have a passion for cars and we want to make sure that what it says on the label, is what the car can actually do. This helps manufacturers stay honest and provide the public with good sound information before purchasing a car.
Testing consists of several performance benchmarks using Racelogic VBOX equipment:

0-60 mph
0-100 mph
1/4 Mile
Braking 60-0 in feet
Acceleration and Braking – 0-60 mph then 60-0 mph
Lateral G
Observed Fuel Economy

Then we take the vehicles on a pre -planned route (typically in California) taking in a variety of different types of roads to test handling, road-holding, passenger comfort, seat comfort, car electronics, design and a whole host of other features.

What Experience Do We Have?

Our testers have many years experience driving cars, racing cars and generally driving for pleasure; not just to get to work. Our goal is to educate both car buyers and industry analysts. If that is helpful then we feel we have been successful.

Do We Take Criticism?

Our road test reviews are merely our opinion and you can take them or leave them. We would love to hear your comments, criticism and mild abuse, however anything stronger may cause your comments not to be accepted.